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M. Chaos Sims


Maxis - Pleasantview

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First I moved the Pleasants into one of the Sears Reproduction Houses I got from TSR.  I like the suburban feeling they give Pleasantview.  Lillith and Angela began fighting before even looking at the house.


Well, two sisters who hate each other so much don't like to look identical, even if they are identical twins.  So some shopping is in order.


Angela's look is perky and pretty, and limited by my new game's content.  I get a lot more after this and she gets another makeover.


This time around, I decide to keep the Pleasants together, having broken them up in previous games.  To that end, I use the elixer of life to give them a bit more time before they become elders, and Mary-Sue gets a pretty new look.


Although I like Lillith's new look, she apparently does not.  That's alright though, because this isn't her last makeover.


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