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M. Chaos Sims

The Dreamers

Maxis - Pleasantview

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The Dreamers also got a Sears Reproduction house from TSR.


Once again, I felt the need to give my Maxis sims makeovers.  Although, because I'm still at this point questing for CC, this is Maxis content.  I like the Seasons haircut on Darren.


Dirk seems pretty pleased with his new look.


The welocoming commitee includes IBIBI Einstien, who is a robot from a TSR challenge family.  She's very friendly and gets along with everyone.  She does seem concerned with the Maxis Tri-Hood's prison system.


The welcoming commitee stay well into the evening.  As they have just moved in, the Dreamers don't have a lot of lighting yet.  Perhaps it is the encroaching darkness stirring eerie feeling, but Darren asks IBIBI if she believes in supernatural forces.


The next day Darren decided to invite Cassandra over.  He wanted to convince her to not marry Don Lothario, and be with him instead.  She brought her mother with her.  Great.  It's well-known that Bella Goth and Don are good fact there are rumors of....well. Anyway, Darren didn't think she liked him much.


Still, there was a connection between them.  In the end, Darren found a way to tell her how he felt, and she felt just the same.


Which was a good thing, because Dirk was a pretty serious kid.  He had big plans.  He wanted to do something with his life, and college was definately a step in that direction.  He worked hard at school, and his after-school job.  He was avid about scholarships to help him on his way.


I decide to start Darren on his artist path, as laid out by Maxis.  However, he's a knowlege sim, so this is tough on him.  He keeps rolling wants to get jobs.


Also in the welcoming commitee is Crystal Ball, another of TSR's challenge sims.  She seems to thinks it's unlikely that you can make a lot of money doing art for a living.


Later that evening, a special visitor from his past makes herself known to Dirk.  He decides he definately believes in the supernatural.


And worse, Bella seemed to be giving Cassandra "the talk".  In his living room.  It seemed worse for Cassandra, who was pretending to not hear her.


Dirk invited his girlfriend, Lillith over too.  She seemed like she would be a bad influence, but Dirk was actually a good influence on her.


Apparently, Dirk's mother didn't think much of the strange girl spending time with her only son though.


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