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Being from a gamer background I'm a big fan of dice.  I've been checking out other people's random event charts for The Sims, and really haven't seen exactly what I was looking for.  However, I did borrow elements from other charts.  So to start with, at the beginning of each season, I roll a six-sided die to see how many random events to work into the plotlines.  Then I number the families, and roll a die that is larger than that number for each event (except global events).  If the event affects only one sim, I then number the eligible sims in the household and roll a die larger than that number to determine who it happens to.  Then, to determine the event, I roll a six-sided die on the first chart to see what kind of event occurs, and that directs me to one of five other charts for specific types of that event.
Examples - 16 sim families in Hood.  I roll a 20-sided die and reroll if the number is higher than 16.
                - Two sims in household.  I roll a 6-sided die, and have 1-3 mean it happens to Sim Number One, and 4-6 happen to Sim Number Two.

For a lot of these things I use the Insiminator.  To kill sims, to cause illness, etc.  Without this hack, I'm not sure a lot of this stuff is possible.  There are other hacks I use as well.  If it seems like this list is weighted towards tragedy, that is because I designed it for use with my medieval kingdom game.  I wanted more of my sims to die but I didn't want to just randomly kill a bunch off every round.

Now, remember I said I like dice?  Well, I like even more random in my game.  Here's a list of stuff that needs more rolling in my opinion.
Mentally ill - One can just pretend the sim is insane, tweak their personality with Insim, or even use Wintermuteai's object http://forums.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=149019
Whichever way insanity is simulated, I like to roll to see if it is a permanent or temporary state.  Permanent would seem rare to me, so I roll a 6-sided die. 
1 - 5 = temporary (roll another 1d6 for how many Seasons the duration is)
6 = permanent

Plague - Affects all sims in the neighborhood.  I roll a 10-sided die, and keep the choices simple.  You could also roll a 1d6 for a duration of rounds, but I tend to keep all of this within one season.  Unfortunately for the realism in my game, only teens and up can be killed in-game.  However, if all adults and teens in a family die, it would make sense for any surviving children to end up in the orphanage.
1 - 6 = live
7 - 10 = die

Fires, town-wide & household specific - In a house-specific fire, simply start a fire in the sim's house, and have them deal with in whatever way they can.  If a town fire, simply roll  a 1d6 for each eligible building.
1 - 4 - start fire in that building
5 - 6 unaffected
Or you could decide where the fire likely originated, and work in a scale going concentrically out from that point.  With odds weighed in favor of fire closest to the start point, and getting less likely with each remove out.

Horse/Carriage/Car Accident - roll 1d10 twice.  For story purposed, if the sim does not own a vehicle, it is assumed the accident involved another sim's vehicle, with the sim either as passenger or as pedestrian.  If as a pedestrian, don't bother with the first table.
first time
1 - 4 = horse/carriage/car unharmed
5 - 6 = horse carriage/car was killed or destroyed
second time
1 - 2 = sim completely unharmed
3 - 4 = sim injured, 1-3 days off (roll a 1d6 for that)
5 - 6 = sim killed

Flood - Affects the entire neighborhood.  Roll a 1d6 for each household to see if they were affected.
1 - 5 = flooded
6 = not flooded
Use a cheat or hack to flood the sims house, as many rooms as possible.

Frost - Only in Winter or Autumn...unless it works with your storyline to have a freak frost in summer! ;)  The entire neighborhood is affected.  For each household that has crops of any kind, roll a 1d6.
1 - 3 = all crops die
4 - 6 = 1/2 crops die

Heatwave - Summer only, unless of course it works for you to have it take place at other times.  Roll a 1d6 for each playable resident to see who is stricken by heatstroke.  Use Insim to affect those who are. 
1 - 3 = not affected
4 - 6 = heatstroke

Murder - This calls for assigning a murderer.  I would say use an existing sim who is suffering from either temporary or permanent insanity.  If the person is temporarily insane, I would either have them kill the person they are furious with, or someone who has their turn-off characteristic.  However, if there are no insane sims in-game I would create an entirely new murderer sim.  Then I would roll my trusty 1d6 to determine if they target specific types of sims, or completely random.  1 - 3 = specific, 4 - 6 = random. 
When playing the murdered, I would then roll a percentage to see if they kill that round, who they kill, and if they get caught.  Temporarily insane murderer sims would only roll during the duration of thier madness.  
Hmmm...I think this calls for more charts.  I don't have a murderer yet, so perhaps that's why.

War - This was specifically designed for my Royal Kingdom Challenge.  Not sure if it would work in other Hoods.  Maybe it would.  Anyway.  I roll a 1d10 to determine for how many rounds, that is seasons, the war goes on.  Then, for every round that it goes on, all eligible sims who are not exempted already must roll to see if they are pressed into military service.  For my RKC game, this is mostly non-heir teen males. 
1 - 5 = join the military
6 = exempted for some reason
Each round that the war goes on, all military sims must roll to see if they survive the battles.  You could add injured and sent home stats, but I figure in my medieval kingdom, if they are that badly injured they won't survive.
1 - 3 = Live to fight another day...
4 - 6 = Lost in defense of the realm...

Types of Occurance
1 - Events
2 - Illness
3 - Accidents
4 - Change
5 - Disaster/Tragedy
6 - Nothing happens

1 - Throw a party
2 - Community outing/household
3 - Royal/Mayoral/City event
4 - Church/Graveyard trip
5 - Vacation
6 - Community outing/friends

1 - Regular cold
2 - Flu
3 - Food Poisoning
4 - Mentally illness
5 - Fatally ill
6 - Plague

1 - Horse/Carriage/Car accident
2 - House fire
3 - Blinded
4 - small wound, scarred
5 - break something, 3 days rest
6 - Fatal accident

1 - New job or business
2 - New aspiration
3 - go bald or prematurely gray
4 - get fat
5 - adopt pet
6 - Deserted, or leave

1 - Flood
2 - Fire
3 - Frost
4 - Heatwave
5 - Murder
6 - War

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