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The Maxis Tri-Hood uses the merged neighborhood created by SaraMK at More Awesome Than You.  It makes it so that Strangetown and Veronaville are downtown areas from Pleasantview.  The Maxis standard Downtown is also one of the downtown areas.  This way, all of the Maxis-made sims can hang out together.  However, this does not include the Seasons neighborhood.  I did add Bluewater Village to mine though.  You can add shopping districts but you cannot add more downtown areas.  To enhance the very Maxis flavor of my Maxis Tri-Hood, I also added all three Maxis-made colleges and vacation destinations.  I also added all of my challenge households from The Sims Resource.  They are simple sims and IMO have a very Maxis vibe.  Also, with some households having challenge objectives, it mixes up play quite a bit.

The Pleasants

The Dreamers

Having played the hood for awhile, I decided to simply use my Livejournal account to blog about it.  There will be a lot of posts as it is a large hood and I play everyone.  I do not have pre-planned stories.  However, I will use tags, so once I have a bit more done it should be easy to read only about those characters one is interested in.  Here is the link.

I am playing the entire neighborhood at once.  I like my sims to age at roughly the same rate as their friends, families and neighbors, so I play them all.  I play in rounds of one season for the regular neighborhoods, and four semesters for the college neighborhoods.  If it seems like I am spending a lot more time with the college students, that's only to keep them from arriving home to find all their parents dead and gone.

I play with a lot of hacks.  The most relevant ones to gameplay are ACR, Triplets and Quads and Inteen.  ACR allows sims to make their own romantic actions, based on attraction, relationship status and aspiration.  It's actually easy to use, but complicated to explain.  Inteen allows teens to have sexual relationships with other teens, or adults.  It also allows them to get pregnant.  Inteen also allows for pregnancy at University.  There is also a chance of pregnancy termination for either adult, YA, or teen sims if the sims needs are in the red too much.  Triplets and Quads allows for a random chance of triplets or quads, which the original game does not allow for.

Now there are arguments for and against using hacks, and those arguments are twice as heated about Inteen.  Why do I use it?  I like the drama.  I could say it adds realism, which it does, but I'm not too fussed about strict realism in my game.  I like my aliens and vampires and cowplants.  I think the use of Inteen makes the teen stage more dramatic and fun to play.  That's just me.  A lot of people prefer to keep their teens fairly innocent, and I can see the appeal of that too.  I'm not gonna be posting pictures of naked sims, but keep in mind my game is more PG-13 than G.

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